Developer Guides

The Enaml developer guides are intended as the primary reference for learning and becoming an effective developer with the framework. The guides covers a variety of topics ranging from language features and syntax rules to application development and best practices. For the implementation details of the framework see the Architecture Reference.

Style Sheets

Styles sheets are a powerful feature which allow the developer to customize the visual appearance of a view independent from the view’s structural definition. Inspired by CSS, but with all the dynamism provided by the Enaml language.

Language-Based Tools

Enaml introduces a new syntax. Language-based tools can be configured to recognise this syntax. Several such configurations and plug-ins are provided.

Enaml Workbench Developer Crash Course

Enaml Workbenches provide a set of low-level components which can be used to develop high-level plugin applications. Workbenches enable the developer to write large UI applications which can be safely extended at runtime by other developers.